The Beauty Of Lotus In Hue Cuisine

beauty of lotus in hue cuisine

Hue – home to Vietnamese royal cuisine, has long attracted connoisseur worldwide thanks to a broad range of special foods. For ages, the so-cool taste of the lotus has played the critical role in stating the distinctively wonderful Hue cuisine. The lotus, the Vietnam’s iconic flower, looks very charming, and if cooked, it evolves the mesmerizing flavor. Let Adventures Travel Vietnam show you the beauty of lotus in Hue cuisine here.

 A Small Talk about the Lotus in Hue

Hue owns many lotus ponds that help color the ancient city romantically. Besides, the lotus here is highly connected to the residents’ life. Come to Hue, people can have a short city tour watching the lotus ponds and enjoy the flower fragrance. For anybody that is interested in the cuisine field, the lotus is the great ingredient for cooking in a royal way. Especially, the lotus-based food is most favored during the summertime due to its so-cool and healthy benefits.

Together with the flavorful taste, the food with lotus is great for health; it helps balance the blood system and heals the nerve. As a result, this kind of healthy food becomes a culinary tonic choice. So, if feeling hot, just eat the lotus-based food in Hue to eliminate the discomfort inside your body.

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hue food tour 2 - The Beauty Of Lotus In Hue Cuisine
Lotus flower in Vietnamese cuisine of Hue

 The Outstanding Foods Made from the Lotus in Hue Royal Cuisine

There are several culinary standouts made from the lotus in Hue royal cuisine, but the two most outstanding examples should be the rice steamed lotus leaf and the longan-and-lotus-seed gruel. The two foods are very popular today. But, in the past, they were only cooked to serve the royal families because of their elegant tastes. The core ingredients to cook them should always be the rice, pork, chicken, vegetable, and lotus. There is no use of the luxurious items like the sea cucumber, abalone, and bird’s nest. Nonetheless, that is the exceptional trait of the Hue royal cuisine: preferring the cooking skills to the costly ingredients.

Let’s take the rice steamed lotus leaf as an illustration! The dish imitates the shape of the blossoming lotus while the rice and ingredients inside are well-blended reflecting the harmony of cuisine and nature. How about the longan-and-lotus-seed gruel? It includes the three simple items: the lotus seed, longan, and sugar. This dessert denotes the simple yet elegant trait of the royal cuisine in Hue that has kept for decades. While the Hue lotus is succulent, the Hue longan is crunchy and sweet. They look incredibly lovely and inspiring to urge you to eat at first sight.

After all, whenever talking about the folksy foods in Hue cuisine, please refer to the dishes made from the lotus leaf and seed. Both the rice steamed lotus leaf and longan-and-lotus-seed gruel are adored by the publics. People can easily cook them on a daily basis. The chefs in Hue know how to process the local beautiful lotus and convert it into the special dishes whose shape and taste are matchless. It is the simple ingredient that holds the crucial role in sorting out the Hue cuisine from the luxurious crowd; it reflects the elegant and classic beauty from the folksy and popular ingredient.

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