Clam Rice – Com Hen Song Huong


Clam Rice is one of specialties of Hue. It is cooked from clam from Perfume river. The Perfume River (called Song Huong in Vietnamese) is best famous for its romantic scenarios and absolute peace for decades. This is the foremost destination that many think of, when they looking for a place to make the sounds of heart and romance. Nevertheless, the charm of The Perfume River doesn’t stop at that. Right in this renowned river, domestic and foreign tourists can please their palate with a unique dish called Perfume River mussel cooked rice (or com hen song Huong in Vietnamese). Your Hue Street Food Tour from Adventures Travel Vietnam in Hue, Vietnam is exclusively promoted with this special food that nothing else can replace.

Com Hen Song Huong – How Is It Special?

Know that Com Hen Song Huong is made with mussels and leftover cooked rice. The whole dish consists of a complicated recipe featured with the sweet, buttery, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy flavors. Shortly ordered as Com Hen, this unique food of Hue is very simple and popular among the local consumers. Without any doubt, this is the low-priced specialty of the ancient citadel of Vietnam. Traditionally speaking, the dish is served with the values of simplicity, antiquity, and appetite. It is delicious enough to keep you eating until you get a full stomach. The sweet-smelling flavor of Mussel Cooked Rice derives from rice, onion, and grease as well.

So, where can you find this specialty of Hue? Gourmets have to visit Hen river islet situated in the Perfume River to savor the former Com Hen. Along with that, it’s feasible to enjoy the dish on several streets of Hue City. And if you arrive at Hue, don’t forget to roam around the city to search for the local booths where Com Hen is served popularly. Most restaurants include this specialty into their lists, so feel free to order it! The low-priced food is for you to eat at any time you want, whether in luxurious restaurants or in mobile street vendors.

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Vietnamese food – Some specialties to eat in Hue

It’s necessary to have 14 distinctive raw materials to cook the dish, including mussel, watery grease, and fried grease, white sesames, peanuts, salted shredded meat, dry pancake, chili sauce, banana trunk, banana flower, sour carambola, peppermint, vegetables, and salad. Besides, it is acceptable to add some ingredients to the whole set. Mussel Cooked Rice is always engaging to every guest that comes to Hue city because it is very tasty and economical at the meantime.

In fact, this simple kind of food is very popular and has become the great endeavor for every culinary tourist to enjoy with the core ingredient is the fresh mussel. The mussels are the healthy sea species, which needs to be dipped in water for a long period to get cleared before being cooked. Therefore, people often agree that Com Hen is a great means to show the laborious work of the cookers. So, if you have chances to enjoy the dish, check if your mussels are fresh enough for a healthy meal. The common remark for Hue tourists to remember is that coming to Hue could not miss Com Hen, or else you have not visited Hue ever. Now, please come and enjoy it yourself as the true gourmets!

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